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Chiqeeta Jameson
Chiqeeta JamesonSales Trainer & Keynote Speaker
Lisa and her team, have become my “go to” think tank. Her out-of-the-box ideas, her way of strategically getting to the heart of any situation, is why I have come to rely on her expertise. Because Lisa takes the time to understand who I am and what I’m trying to achieve, she continually serves my business with clear direction, structure and boundless value. Lisa is a true business strategist and marketing guru and has become a critical part of my business success.
JuliAnn Stitick
JuliAnn StitickPersonal Brand Expert
Lisa Bollow has become an indispensable asset to my business. She has the ability to strategically look at the big picture of my business and the expertise and team to execute. My business is booming after working with her. Her consistent passion and excitement keep me motivated and focused. I love her!
Diane Halfman
Diane HalfmanProfessional Organizer
Thank you, Lisa Bollow for being instrumental in the up-leveling of the marketing of my organizing company. Accelerated Marketing did a beautiful job with my website, graphics, and eBook. Even after our formal work together was complete you continue to send me things you think would be relevant for me and my business.
Lisa Gallagher
Lisa GallagherFounder, ABRIZA
It was my pleasure to work with Lisa Bollow on my team at Abriza. Lisa’s creativity and ingenuity allowed us to create and launch a marketing program without breaking the bank. She has keen insight and business wisdom that is an asset these days. On the strategic side, Lisa is great at collaboration which fits my style.
Jodi LaBossiere
Jodi LaBossiereEntrepreneur
Lisa Bollow and her team are amazing! The work Lisa did to create my brand was amazing. She saw my vision and created something beautiful. It was like Lisa went in my head, took the picture out and handed it back to me only better! Every time I have used Lisa and her team I have been blown away with how fast they work and how wonderful the final product is!
Michelle Podlesni
Michelle PodlesniPresident NNBA
Lisa was a tremendous help in the early stages of revamping our systems and structures for National Nurses in Business Association. Her experience helped us create a workable plan to move ahead and serve our members. We continue to build upon that plan and grow because of that foundation.
Todd Creager
Todd CreagerBest Selling Author
Lisa is an amazingly effective leader, innovator, director and marketer. She has given me creative and strategic marketing advice. When Lisa gives advice, I take it very seriously. She is friendly, helpful, caring and intelligent. To put it succinctly, Lisa is one of my favorite people whom I know.
Patrice Martin
Patrice MartinEntrepreneurial Development Expert
Lisa is a fabulous speaker and business coach. She is knowledgeable and establishes rapport quickly. She contributes real value to the individual and the organization. We achieved concrete results. We would trust Lisa with any of our clients; she is trustworthy, consistent and reliable.
Lise Beland
Lise BelandVP Toronto CSO College Boreal
Lisa is a wealth of health knowledge and experience. Her energy and drive really showcase well in her facilitation and speaking. She is a fantastic mentor and trainer. I continue to be impressed with Lisa. Lisa brings a great deal to the table and anyone who is lucky to meet and/or work with her with feel quite enriched in the process…..Go Lisa!
Jeremy Pierson
Jeremy PiersonEntrepreneur, MBA Marketing
Lisa is one of the most sought-after speakers on the speaking circuit. She had an amazing ability to connect with her audience and her excellent blend of deep knowledge and humor made her accessible and memorable. I would highly recommend Lisa for any work where a presenter is needed to connect with an audience in an engaging and significant way.

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