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Project Description

Your Partner in Business

The Entrepreneur Business Accelerator is a 6-month complete support program designed for entrepreneurs who know that their time is best spent doing only that which they can do.

Finally, you have all the support you have ever needed, without the headaches of trying to get things done.  Many coaches provide sound advice, but they don’t execute.  With the EBA, you get the sound strategy AND execution to finally get your business off the ground.

Let us help you remove the frustration and overwhelm associated with all the moving pieces of running a business, building a website, integrating online marketing tactics and more.

Our EBA members see immediate growth in their business because growth is our goal.

Click the button below to email me your information and biggest challenge and I’ll set up a no obligation, free strategy session via Zoom with you.


Thank you, Lisa Bollow for being instrumental in the up-leveling of the marketing of my organizing company. Accelerated Marketing did a beautiful job with my website, graphics, and eBook. Even after our formal work together was complete you continue to send me things you think would be relevant for me and my business.

Diane Halfman

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Entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, influencers and consultants in various industries have trusted Lisa to help them move their businesses forward.  If you are ready to implement effective strategies and regain control over your business, contact Lisa Bollow today.

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