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What’s the difference between information and transformation?

This scenario comes up a lot with my clients, see if you can relate:

“I just signed up for this program…”
“I’m reading a new book…”
“I watched this webinar…”
“I read this blog post the other day…”

And parallel to these statements are the struggles to create traction and achieve goals or for some, even complete simple projects.

There’s this script running in our head that is stuck on repeat “if only we could learn how to…”

The learning isn’t the problem.

Therein lies the reality — information (learning) doesn’t create transformation.

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Transformation is created through our consistent actions.

Let that sink in for a minute.

One of the reasons we tend to consume so much information is that, perhaps, in the absence of action, the activity of getting more information feeds our sense of accomplishment.

Another reason we are on an information binge is that we don’t trust ourselves to take what we’ve already learned and put it into action.

For all of us, and I am right in the mix with you, learning how to consume information and then take what is relevant to our needs and turn it into action is the key.

Something that’s working for me is that I limit the number of experts, leaders, gurus that I follow.

That limits the number of information sources that come into my inbox.

Before I sign up for another webinar, program, course, etc., I ask myself if I actually have time to put what I’m learning into practice. If I can’t find the time, I don’t buy into my information addiction.

We’ve all got too much on our plates right now. Investing our most precious resource, time, in areas that are not going to provide results is insanity.

For transformation to take place, whether it be personal or business-related, we have to have the time to take the actions necessary to achieve it.

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Here’s something to consider if you’re trapped in the information loop:

Take inventory of your information sources. Eliminate all that doesn’t do the following:

  • Guide you to the most important transformations you are seeking.
  • Make your life or business better.
  • Feed your soul and affirm your beliefs.
  • Provide you with actionable information.

I hope I make the list. ☺️

My goal is to be a simple reminder in your inbox to take action, even the slightest action, toward creating the life you want.

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xoxo Lisa
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