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The investment of time to create your client avatar is one of the most valuable marketing tools you’ll ever create.

Many entrepreneurs spin their wheels because they jump into the execution of their products and services without taking the time to define who they want to reach.

Sure, you may have a general idea of who your customer is, but until you define your customer avatar, you could be spending more time and money than necessary.

If you’ve never gone through this process, it’s a very good time to start!

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, it’s time to refresh your customer avatar as well.

You know you need to update your client avatar if you’ve asked any of these questions:

  • Why are my ads not converting?
  • Why are people not commenting on my blog?
  • Why am I not closing sales like I used to?
  • Why does it cost me more money to reach the same audience I did last year?
  • Why aren’t people aware of me/what I do/how I can help?
  • How can I help more people?

Creating customer avatars and marketing to those avatars will ultimately save you time, money, and frustration.

Customer Avatar

Creating a customer avatar will help you reach your ideal client faster.

When you launch a product or service, you want to generate revenue as soon as possible, right?

Why would you put effort into creating something just to have it slowly drip out to your market?

By creating a solid customer avatar, or a group of avatars based upon your particular product or service, you can reach your market more quickly.

A great example of a big brand that finally connected with their customer avatar is Ford with their new Lincoln.

Ford was struggling as a brand. When people were polled about the Lincoln brand image, it was often described as “my grandparent’s car” or “old” “outdated”. Most people do not want to buy their grandparent’s car.

To completely revamp their reputation, Ford invested millions into research that no doubt, ended up with them creating an ideal customer or customer avatar that represented who they wanted to build Lincoln cars for.

They didn’t try to squeeze their outdated car into a new suit; they completely redesigned the line to represent the market they wanted to reach…based upon extensive research.

Cue Matthew McConaughey…and within the first month, Lincoln increased sales by 25%. Think about that. Why?

People could identify with Matthew McConaughey.

They saw themselves in that car. They wanted to be like Matthew, what he represented was what they wanted to be — classy, attractive, a little rugged but also sexy. People wanted the look and feel of prestige without paying luxury car prices.

Think about a purchase you have made because you felt like the product or service was made for you…how did that make you feel?

By dialing in on the ideal customer avatar, Lincoln sold a lot of cars, quickly.

When you get clear on your customer avatar, you will be armed with the right information to reach the people you can help the most.

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Creating customer avatars will save you money.

Customer avatars help you target the right prospects.

When your marketing is based on assumptions and guesswork, you will spend more money trying to reach the wrong people.

I see it happen all of the time.  Entrepreneurs who are in a hurry to look successful, often sacrifice results and money by bypassing smart planning.

Have you ever seen anyone push out a ton of half-baked content just to say they did it?

Have you ever seen people who have enormous social media growth because they targeted like farms and not their ideal clients?

There’s no such thing as free in marketing. Everything costs time or money. Click To Tweet

Creating customer avatars will help you get to your ideal customer more rapidly, thus saving you money over time.

One caveat — sometimes your ideal customer leads will cost you more.

The more specific you are, the more expensive the lead, in many industries. Don’t be afraid of that.

A lead that will never convert that costs you $2 is more expensive than a lead from your ideal customer that costs you $5.

Bottom line: You want to be able to convert your leads to customers, and a customer avatar can help you do that.

DOWNLOAD the Guide to Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar Here

Listen to the bonus audio on “How to Create Your Ideal Client Avatar”

Everything is impacted by your avatar.

Your avatar will inform everything you do in your business. EVERYTHING

  • what content you create
  • what products and services you provide
  • where you spend time on social media
  • where and how you advertise
  • where you network
  • what your graphics look like
  • what personal brand you develop
  • …EVERYTHING is based upon your ideal customer avatar.

What IS a customer avatar?

A customer avatar is a fictitious person that you create based upon a set of descriptors that define your ideal client/customer.

I’ll list out some of the most popular descriptors below. Today, these descriptors go deeper than gender, age, and marital status.

Some businesses have more than one avatar, depending on their products and services.

Just a little bit of caution before you start creating multiple avatars…you don’t need a lot of them, and the ones you create should be very specific and encompass ideal…not fringe customers.

A customer avatar is not a blanket statement — “I serve entrepreneurs”, or “my ideal avatar is a female entrepreneur”.

Your customer avatar is the standard that you create all of your messaging, products, and services around.

When you dial in your ideal customer avatar, you no longer have to wonder if something will work.

When you hold everything you do up to your avatar’s needs, desires, and expected transformations, then you are able to strip away the fluff and provide exactly what your market wants.

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