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Lisa Gallagher
Lisa GallagherFounder, ABRIZA
It was my pleasure to work with Lisa Bollow on my team at Abriza. Lisa’s creativity and ingenuity allowed us to create and launch a marketing program without breaking the bank. She has keen insight and business wisdom that is an asset these days. On the strategic side, Lisa is great at collaboration which fits my style.
Jodi LaBossiere
Jodi LaBossiereEntrepreneur
Lisa Bollow and her team are amazing! The work Lisa did to create my brand was amazing. She saw my vision and created something beautiful. It was like Lisa went in my head, took the picture out and handed it back to me only better! Every time I have used Lisa and her team I have been blown away with how fast they work and how wonderful the final product is!
Todd Creager
Todd CreagerBest Selling Author
Lisa is an amazingly effective leader, innovator, director and marketer. She has given me creative and strategic marketing advice. When Lisa gives advice, I take it very seriously. She is friendly, helpful, caring and intelligent. To put it succinctly, Lisa is one of my favorite people whom I know.

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