How to Create a Brand Awareness Campaign

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Brand Awareness is the First Step to Lead Generation

We’ve all heard the phrase “KNOW, LIKE, TRUST” when we talk about marketing, but do we really invest the time into creating awareness campaigns that convert?

In this article, I want to lay down the foundation of creating awareness so you can increase your connection to your right-fit prospects and convert those prospects into loyal customers. It all starts with building trust.

If you are a service provider, author, speaker, entrepreneur of small business owner, then building trust is key to creating influence and building awareness.

Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of all healthy relationships. When we are seeking to build brand awareness, building trust is the first step.

Here are eight ways to build trust and brand awareness:

  1. Be consistent — some entrepreneurs are hot or cold.  They start enthusiastic and seem to be everywhere in our social streams and our inbox. Then, crickets. When you go from hot to cold, your audience will notice. When you only promote and sell, your audience will lose trust.  Be available and consistent in messaging, service, and contribution — especially when you have nothing to promote or sell.
  2. Follow through — I lost trust yesterday. I had signed up for a webinar and a few hours before it was to go live, the host, emailed with an apology that she could not go live, that the program would be held the next day.  She shared why it was a family issue. Truth, I don’t care. I don’t want to sound harsh but smart business owners have contingency plans. I think the reason I lost trust is that this ‘expert’ was supposed to teach on building a business and it’s hard to trust someone who didn’t have a plan.  If you commit to something, do it, make a plan for worst-case scenarios, and make it work. When you commit to something, do it.
  3. Follow up — people need follow up, and they want to be appreciated for taking a step, even if that step is a simple email or phone call. Don’t assume that you are bothering them, assume that your next contact could be the one that strengthens the awareness and builds trust.
  4. Give first, sell later — why is it so hard for some people to get this? What is your customer journey? Some say it takes 6-8 touch points to make a sale. Others say 7-13. I don’t know which is right, but I do know that you can’t expect your prospects to be ready on the first interaction.  Planning a customer journey is key to creating brand awareness.
  5. Teach great stuff for free — this follows #4. Creating awareness is built upon the content you share.  When you create valuable content for free, you create trust.
  6. Show credibility — are you the best thing since sliced bread in your niche? How will your prospects know that? Testimonials and feedback from others are key to creating brand awareness.
  7. Engage often — often is about your market.  Find the magic number, and you will rise to the top as the trusted leader in your field.  Do research to determine how much is too much — ask your current customers.
  8. Build your audience first — you can’t sell to an empty room.  The first step to building a successful business is building your audience. Have you ever been to Florence, Italy?  In the Piazza, there are street performers. When they first set up, there isn’t a crowd, but in time, once they begin to give — people start to surround them.  The same principle is true for entrepreneurs.  Once you build your audience and nurture them, then you have earned their trust to begin selling to them.

How are you building trust with your audience?

When your audience trusts you, then you will begin to see higher engagement and conversion.  If you are truly in this for the long haul, building trust as you go will help you in every aspect of your business.

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