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Brand Awareness

Are you the best-kept secret in your industry?

If you feel like you are, then you will want to continue reading.

Building a business in the noisy online marketing space can be overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, you see a new widget, expert, program, course, guru, cat video…you name it.

Our audience is being bombarded with information. It has been reported that people check their phones/email/social accounts 100 times a day and each time we log on we are reading, scanning, viewing new information.

We are constantly in information overload and as business owners and marketers we need to find a way to be seen, attract and connect with our audience in all the noise.

How do you stand out and connect with your audience when there is so much information distracting your audience? 

Here are a 3 ways to connect with your audience —

1.  Create a prospect journey map:

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’m frequently shocked when I do a consultation with a business owner, how quickly they want to move and how out of alignment their expectations are when it comes to their marketing planning.

Studies show it takes anywhere between 6-13 interactions for a prospect to become a customer.  But not just any interaction. Building out a prospect journey for your marketing campaigns will help your prospects connect with you and it helps you prequalify your buyers.

One of the most important steps in the sales process is to weed out the lookers from the buyers so that you can speak the right language to the right audience.

If you are constantly selling to those who are still in the browsing stage, people will opt out, unlike your page and even go as far as create a negative impact on your brand.

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A prospect journey map might look something like this:

  • A prospect likes your Facebook business page — something you posted or something someone shared made that person like your page. Or, you ran a like campaign ad and you got their attention.
  • Then, you run an ad for a high-value opt in to convert your ‘likes’ to leads — social proof can only get you so far. If you can’t move someone from a like to a lead, you can’t effectively nurture them.
  • Next, you will segment leads into a nurture campaign specific to where they entered your funnel — if someone enters your funnel because they are interested in starting a business send them specific information to help them start a business — don’t overload them with sales messages or information that is too advanced for the start up phase.
  • Your nurture campaign will guide your prospect down a path to help them know, like and trust you.  You will send a series of 5-8 emails over the course of a 6 week period. At each step, you will want to guide them into saying yes. Provide a new, high-value resource, free training, invitation to connect with you on other social platforms, participate in a survey, sign up for a challenge anything that will get them to respond/reciprocate with information. Each time you connect with a prospect and you can move them to say yes, even for something simple, or small, they are building trust with you.

2.  Be consistent with your message:

Stay on topic and on target. I suggest choosing 6-12 topics that are key in your niche that your audience wants to know more about.  These topics are keyword rich, deliver value and are what the prospect would search for if they wanted to solve a problem.

By narrowing down your core message to a series of interrelated topics, you have a greater chance of establishing yourself as an authority AND you build a consistent demand for your information.

The goal is to become known as the go to person for the topics you cover.

3.  Be consistent on your priority platforms:

You don’t have to be everywhere, but you do need to establish an audience where your ideal audience spends time.  Be consistent because your audience will be looking for how frequently you engage. If you say that you are an expert but have nothing to support it or your last blog post was posted in 2013, then your audience will move away and look for someone who is consistent and current.

Final thoughts:

Don’t assume that people are looking for you or what you offer.  It is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure their messaging is connecting.  If you aren’t known, you never will be if you don’t engage with content.

It’s no accident that the most popular people in your niche are at the top of the niche.  I bet, if you look at how often they provide value, you will see that they are serious about their message and they invest time and resources to make people aware of their products and services.

The most successful of the bunch create brand awareness campaigns and take prospect nurture very seriously. They aren’t going from the first date to marriage all in the first interaction.

When you create a brand awareness campaign, the goal is awareness, not sales.  Sales will come later. First, get to know your prospect, nurture them, segment them to better communicate with them.

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