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From “success to burnout and back again”

When I started my entrepreneurial journey I had no idea that I would end up hating the very thing I thought I wanted the most.

I started my journey into the entrepreneur world much like many of you who will read this.

College + an advanced degree opened a lot of doors. My early Pre-entrepreneur life was filled with a good measure of success.

I advanced quickly, was regarded as a leader by my peers, and had a bright future ahead of me. But the pull to “be” more and my own misguided over-achieving spirit led me to go it alone.

I was tired of working for someone else and I knew I had it in me to create something from scratch that would give me the lifestyle and freedom I dreamed about.

I launched my first brick-n-mortar business in 1996 & then a coaching business in 2004 before coaching was the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today. Over the years, that business transitioned from just coaching to marketing strategy, to done for you services. Multiple 7 figures, teams of employees, overhead…and demand.

It was everything I had dreamed of until I realized what I had given up to make it happen.

I “should” have felt amazing. I “should” have felt accomplished. I “should”…sound familiar? Don’t get me wrong, I was relatively happy. But relatively happy wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted peace in my soul. I wanted freedom. I wanted a chance to breathe. You see, I built it by listening to well-intentioned experts and coaches. I invested thousands of dollars to learn systems and strategies to grow a successful business.

I acted on instinct (sometimes our instincts are misguided) and I trusted that I was doing the next best and right thing, always.

And you know what? I was doing the right things. I was growing. I was making more money. I was doubling business every year. I was succeeding! On the outside, it was all working.


It wasn’t.

What few admit in this business is that the freedom lifestyle takes a lot of work. It’s not all flip flops and laptops.

I wasn’t afraid of the work, there was too much evidence to show that I was working hard. What I was afraid of was peeling back the layers to ask this one question, “Am I truly happy?”.

So I kept pushing that little voice down, convincing myself that I just needed a new, better, different system. I became an expert at ignoring the ache in my heart.

Until one day, while listening to Deepak Chopra’s Daily Breath Podcast.

There came a point in this meditation where he instructs you on your breath and awareness. To paraphrase, he gets to a point in the meditation where he says about the breath, “you can’t hold your breath; if you try you’ll suffocate. Same with experiences, if you try to hold on to them you’ll experience suffocation. Holding on causes suffocation; letting go is freedom.”

I was holding on to what I knew wasn’t working and I was suffocating!

A major shift started to occur in me.

It was time that I stopped pushing and started listening. I made a list of all the products and services that I provided and evaluated them based upon priority.

To do that I had to create a new way to prioritize. For me, the greatest and best use of my time would be judged on these two factors: the time it took us (my team) to accomplish a task and the impact that it made.

How I judged impact also changed. Impact was no longer about the bottom line or breadth of the business.

Impact became about the impact the work had on me, my time, my family, my health, my energy and my soul.

In order to protect all of those aspects, something had to change. And that’s why you’re reading this today.

For me, the biggest shift has been from done-for-you services to online coaching, courses & in-depth DIY programs where we can serve thousands not just a few.

I am more passionate than I’ve ever been about serving female entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners.

I don’t want you to ever get to the point that I did where I was burned out and exhausted, searching for the new, next strategy without paying attention to my spirit, energy, relationships and soul.

If you’re just starting out, this is a great place to begin. If you’ve been at this a while and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and overworked, you can rest in knowing that I’ve got your back and finally, if you’ve already made some of these shifts and you’re ready to scale — congratulations, I can’t wait to support you!

I want to help you create remarkable results and build a successful business that gives you more freedom, balance & joy.

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My life now…

I’m about as happy as I’ve ever been. There’s more balance, more fun and more adventure than I ever thought possible. I live in Virginia with my husband Keith and we’re building a house out in the country.

When I’m not with Keith, I’m working with my amazing clients, creating courses for entrepreneurs & scouring Pinterest for creative decorating ideas for our new home.

I know you’ve got what it takes.

If you’ve made it this far on the page, you’re my kinda person. Something I said has resonated with you and you’re ready to shift your ideas about business as you know it.

Let me be the catalyst for you to create a new alignment with your life and business.

I want to walk alongside you and pour into you all that I’ve learned to help you get what you want.

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I’m excited to partner with you to create remarkable success.

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